Broomball Rules

The Game- Broomball is played with an inflated ball with six players on the ice for each team.

Time- A broomball game consists of two periods. Usually, the periods consist of two 18 minute, stop time periods, with a two minute break between periods.

Off-sides- Off-side is called when a player from the team in possesion of the ball enters the offensive zone before the ball. USA rules mark the blue line as "in" and the red line as "out." International rules typically use the center red line as "in" and "out."

High Stick- Typically a high stick is anything above the shoulder. Some leagues and tournaments mark it above the waist.

Icing- Icing occurs when the defending team clears the ball from inside their zone and across the opposing team's goal line. Play is stopped when a member of the opposing team touches the ball. If the opposing team is on a power play, icing is not called. Also, if the goalie of the opposing team or a member of the defending team touches the ball after it has crossed the goal line, icing is not called.

The Rink- The rink should be as close as possible to 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. Corners are rounded in the arc of a radius of 20 feet. The net is 6 feet high and 8 feet wide in USA play. Internationally, smaller, hockey-sized nets are used.

The Ball- Each team needs to provide one ball that is labeled with the words "official broomball." For outdoor play, the ball has to be between 18 and 20 inches in circumference and weight between 270 and 280 grams. For indoor play, the ball must be a Canadian-style molded ball.

Players- A team must have at least six players: goalie, right and left defense, center, and right and left wing. A maximum of fourteen players, including goalies, may dress and play in a game. Co-Rec and men's elite may have a maximum of 11 players. When making substitutions, the player coming off the ice must be within arm's reach before the substitute enters the ice.

Legal Equipment- Teams must wear jerseys with numbers on the back. These numbers must be at least 4 inches high. Shoes must be worn by all players and must be commercially produced (i.e. Forest Ice, D-Gel, Acacia).

Sticks- Must also be commercially produced. The broom must not be altered illegally in any way. See your local rules for legal alterations. The shaft of the broom must be wood, aluminum or graphite. The head of the broom must be between seven and nine inches in height (from the handle attachment to the tip of the broom). The width of the head must be between four and six inches, with the tip, or base of the broom, being no less than two and a half inches. Tape may not cover up a cracked stick. Any bent or cracked shaft can be found unsafe and removed from the game by the referee.

A helmet must be worn in indoor play, men's elite, A/BB, and B, as well as Master's and Co-Rec play. See your local handbook for helmet rules.

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