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Michigan Tech Package

Available with or without Michigan Tech legal broom and tape.

CCM 40 Combo Helmet

Acacia Gloves

Acacia Knee/Shins

Acacia Flex Elbow Pads

Michigan Tech Legal Corn Broom/Duck Tape/White 1X30 Tape

Free Water Bottle!

Email sizes for gloves, knee/shins & helmet.  

Here are Michigan Tech's equipment rules:



A corn broom with a wooden handle is the only broom type that will be allowed. Only the broom’s original handle may be attached to the original broom head. A minimum of 6 inches of bristle must extend from the bottom of the coils (The 6 inches mark will be measured from the bottom of the coils to the shortest part of the taped bristles). Tape is the only foreign material allowed on a broom. The external metal rings put on by the manufacturer MUST BE REMOVED, but do not remove the coil. The broom’s head MUST RETAIN ITS GENERAL SHAPE AND SLANT of the broom and must not exceed 30 degrees from the axis of the broom handle. Excessive tape (that does not allow the bristles ANY give with applied force) or foreign materials will not be allowed on a broom. There are to be ABSOLUTELY NO bristles exposed. NO scoop/lacrosse/hockey stick style brooms will be allowed. Brooms using clear duct tape will not be allowed to be used. Specifications are enforced at discretion of the game officials. Please refer to the “Stick Making Guide” and “Stick Designs to Avoid” downloads available on the broomball website for further information.

Allowed Protective Equipment:

A properly fitting hockey or lacrosse helmet with facemask is required at all times for players on the ice. Players may use a personal hockey helmet if the facemask is attached. IRHC Broomball will provide helmets for use in the size range of Large and Extra Large with various in between size adjustments. If an individual cannot find a properly fit helmet, they are strongly encouraged to purchase one that fits. There may not be enough helmets for everyone on a large-sized team. Shoes are required in order to play. Hockey gloves, shin pads, hockey pants, kneepads, and elbow pads are allowed and strongly recommended for safety. Shoulder pads and chest protectors are permitted to be worn by goalies. Baseball, softball, and regular hockey gloves are permitted for use by goalies.

Illegal Equipment:

Shoulder pads and chest protectors are NOT allowed for players other than the goalie. Official Broomball shoes or shoes that are modified to give extra traction (grip) are NOT allowed; cleats or spiked shoes are NOT allowed. Hockey goalie pads (leg pads, blockers, and goalie catchers’ gloves) are NOT allowed. The check for illegal equipment will be conducted by the game officials before the beginning of the game. Any illegal use of equipment will result in a game misconduct and one game suspension for the offending player, unless specified otherwise in the rulebook.

Price $152.95

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